Diversity, Equity, Justice and Inclusion (DEJI)

DEJI Mission

At Sound, we strive to foster diversity by celebrating the individuality of every person so as to amplify voices that have historically been underrepresented. As part of our commitment to building equitable practices, we aim to identify, dismantle and remove barriers while standing for justice in all areas of our work. Furthermore, inclusion is at the core of what we do, where every individual feels valued, heard, and empowered to contribute. We believe this can and will be accomplished through our Guiding Principles of RESPECT.

Core Principles

R: Revelation

Sound believes that Diversity, Equity, Justice, and Inclusion (DEJI) work is not merely about setting an agenda or duplicating diversity initiatives, but rather about revelation and discovery. It involves uncovering timely opportunities and relevant insights. Sound aims to lead in this effort by implementing a multi-step strategy: defining the what, uncovering the why, and determining the who.

To establish direction, foster alignment, and maintain commitment to DEJI, we are establishing common language and continuous spaces for training, learning, and feedback. These initiatives are designed to build bridges and break down barriers in communication.

E: Evaluation

Sound believes in creating continual space for evaluation, evolution, and equity. We firmly believe that without equity, efforts to foster diversity and inclusion are unsustainable. To achieve equity, it is imperative to provide everyone with fair opportunities to reach their full potential. This necessitates a thorough examination of social determinants of health and an ongoing assessment of their impact at every level of evolution.

S: Sustainability

At Sound, we view sustainability as a strategy for effecting social change. We acknowledge that good intentions and a strong desire for social justice, diversity, and cultural competency are only the initial steps toward equality and enduring transformation. Therefore, Sound is dedicated to scrutinizing both its past and future, identifying systemic opportunities to reshape the way our systems engage and function.

P: Person- Centered

Sound believes in using language that prioritizes people. We recognize that individuals are more than their substance use disorder, mental illness, disability, or any label. Adopting person-centered language and care entails honoring the dignity, worth, unique qualities, and strengths of every individual.

A person-centered culture embraces the idea of each client’s unique journey toward recovery and acknowledges the strengths of the team members who support them in achieving it.

E: Evidence- Informed Practice

Sound strongly believes in evidence informed literature, best practices, robust and comprehensive care. We can only continue to grow if we continue to bring in new models of care, learning and opportunities of professional development for not only our team members, leadership and learn from those we serve.

C: Collaboration

Sound is on a journey and firmly believes that no single individual possesses all the skills, resources, networks, or knowledge required to address the multitude of large-scale challenges facing our world. To further construct the bridge and serve as the necessary stepping stones, Sound places great emphasis on collaboration. This collaboration takes shape through networks, cross-sectional capacity building, county partnerships, amplifying team member voices, and fostering community-wide and systemic impacts for change.

T: Transformation

Sound strives for a system that moves into transforming the realm of Community Mental Health by moving past recognition of the value of mental health outcomes, then creating mental health systems to more effectively identify and treat conditions. Sound also seeks to be a leader in helping to break barriers in stigma that can transform Community Mental Health into a place of refuge for client populations with the most pronounced mental health needs can encounter some of the best healthcare professionals in their field.

The Sound Way

It’s The Sound Way, to care for those that feel ignored, have been historically marginalized and categorized as difficult to serve. With more than 50 years of leadership in serving our communities’ needs, we are an independent behavioral healthcare provider, plotting our own course to deliver unique, whole-person healthcare. As the largest behavioral health provider in the community, we possess both the vision, passion, and capacity to provide specialized programs tailored to diverse needs. When we improve the health of our clients, we improve the communities in which we live. We aim to create a world and culture where diversity is celebrated, equity is prioritized, justice prevails, and inclusion is embedded in our DNA.

Video Spotlight

February is Black History Month

During Black History Month, Sound explores topics relevant to African Americans. Racialized trauma, anxiety, and health disparities related to African Americans and BIPOC individuals were the central focus of a 2-hour webinar and panel discussion presented at the end of 2020. The event was sponsored by the Sound DEJI (Diversity, Equity, Justice & Inclusion) program […]

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