Celebrating the Contributions of Asian Pacific Americans

Celebrating the Contributions of Asian Pacific AmericansThis month, we have the opportunity to celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.  It’s a chance to recognize and appreciate the rich culture, traditions and history of Asian Pacific Americans in the United States. In 1992, the month of May was permanently designated as Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.

This commemoration is all the more timely in view of the increase in hostility and hate crimes directed at people of Asian descent during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s imperative that we remember we are all in this together and that this virus does not discriminate and was not created by any one racial group.

Sadly, due to the pandemic, we are unable to celebrate the culture and contributions of Asian Pacific Americans in traditional colorful fashion, which customarily would  take the form of parades, festivals and field trips for school children across the country. We can, however, go online and research history and view TV specials like the one produced by PBS titled Asian Americans.



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