June is Pride Month: Progress Still Needed

Pride Month Celebrates and Honors LGBTQ Community

June is Pride Month and Sound will be honoring our LGBTQ community through informative posts on our DEJI SharePoint page, internal and external platforms in the month ahead. Our DEJI (Diversity, Equity, Justice, Inclusion)  efforts also encourage Team Members to offer input that relates to Pride Month, including information on events, publications, and other resources. Please contact diversity.inclusion@sound.health. We also encourage checking out the numerous online and in-person events such as the Seattle Pride Parade that will take place across the region.

Still Progress to be Made

On Memorial Day, three adults in a small boat sped around another boat displaying the rainbow Gay Pride flag on Moses Lake. The occupants of the boat displaying the flag watched and videotaped the other boaters who circled them several times, shouting slurs.  One individual also displayed their middle finger in an offensive gesture. 

Seconds later the boat carrying the offenders – two men and a woman – burst into flames leaving its occupants in the water. Meanwhile, the Pride Flag boaters helped the frightened group into their boat. The point of this real-life story is that although the country has made great strides in acceptance of the LGBTQ community, bigotry and vitriol still exist in our society. This is the reality fifty years after the birth of the Gay Rights Movement in 1969.  Sound encourages Team members to learn more about Pride Month and have conversations about diversity and inclusion in their personal and professional lives. 

Here’s a link to the boating story: 


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