Sound’s Kent Location Now Open for Business

Sound’s Kent location officially opened for business on Oct. 8 and began serving the community. Greater numbers of Medicaid-eligible people are migrating outside of the central Seattle region with South King County being one of the areas experiencing growth. Sound opened the new clinic to better serve existing clients and to improve access to others in the community considering quality behavioral health services.

Though the clinic is available to serve anyone in the community who needs behavioral health support, those served are currently Sound clients who have been involved in the criminal justice system. The new location, at 841 North Central Avenue, provides optimal access for the many who need support.

“For many of our clients, who previously had to visit our Tukwila East or Capitol Hill locations to receive support, this is a welcome development,” said Richelle Nordeen, MA, LMHC, MHP, director of the program. “We believe that by ensuring that these clients can access the care they need, we’ll improve their chances of staying on track with their recovery.”

Jordan Thornley, BAS, CDP, AAC, clinic Supervisor, echoes that statement.

“Some clients reported it was nice to be by the 150 bus line,” he said. “The location was more convenient and that the building seemed nice and new.”

Approximately 40 to 50 clients receive services, group sessions and medication appointments daily at the location.

There are 10 clinicians and one peer support specialist, a prescriber on-site two days per week, and a nurse five days a week who provide intensive outpatient support, case management, in-patient referrals, medication and group sessions ranging from trauma symptom management and relapse prevention to trauma-informed yoga and many other services.

“Team members enjoy being able to consult readily within the open space,” Thornley explains. ”My hope is that after our initial adjustments and ongoing familiarization with the space, it will end up being a positive experience (for everyone).”

Located near the Regional Justice Center and the Kent court system, the facility currently serves 300 people through 4,900 square feet of space. The site includes nine treatment rooms, two group rooms and one primary care room.

“I have enjoyed the new site,” Thornley says, adding “The group rooms are large, facilities does an excellent job of keeping the building clean and maintained…there are plenty of large treatment rooms available for team members.”

Tours are currently being planned at the location for the Mayor’s Office, the Kent City Council, the Kent Chamber of Commerce, and other local leadership begin in January 2020, with state elected officials being scheduled for March when the short legislative session is completed.



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