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“I have been a registered nurse for 15 years, and I have always felt there was more than just treating the physical needs of patients.   This is why I was excited to partner with Sound Mental Health, as treating the whole person is part of their visions and goals.   It has been personally rewarding to see Sound Mental Health be a provider that is currently doing this today, and I can help support their visions to integrate healthcare in the future using innovative solutions directly impacting all their levels of care.” Beata Hughes




“I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity of working with several individuals on the leadership team at Sound Mental Health and it’s apparent their highest priority is the overall health of their clients.  As a parent who knows the challenges of trying to find answers for their child’s cognitive disabilities I can’t express the level of personal satisfaction it gives me to partner with an organization so focused on improving lives in our community.   Most importantly an organization that truly cares.”–TR Lind


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