New Team Member Feature: the Team Member Spotlight

As Sound continues to grow, the Executive Leadership Team is committed to the individuals who make our organization’s work possible — and who dedicate themselves to serving our clients.  As the organization expands, though, it gets increasingly more challenging to get to know one another and continue to feel connected.

With widely dispersed locations, diverse programs and growing departments, it’s easy to lose sight of all the great people and unique personalities here at Sound.

Beginning in October, we are pleased to introduce a new, team member-focused engagement series called “Team Member Spotlight.” “Team Member Spotlight” will provide, brief, but informative profiles of Sound team members from all around the organization from our clinical team members to those who occupy our front desks (and everyone else). The new series, which will come out bi-monthly, will focus on team member’s interests, passions and inspirations. Content will explore their expertise, the work they do and their goals at Sound, among other topics. “Team Member Spotlight” will be featured on our Web site, social media platforms and in an email distribution sent to Sound Team members.

Content will be brief so that people can quickly learn about their team members and the goal is to ultimately profile everyone in the organization.

“We are excited to create this new program,” said Patrick Evans, President & CEO of Sound. “As Sound’s size makes it more challenging for us to get to know one another, our hope is that the ‘Team Member Spotlight’ series gives us the initial opportunity to learn more about our fellow co-team members. The Executive Leadership Team hopes it inspires increased dialog and communication.”

Look for the first installment of the series in October.  Interested in sharing your story for a “Team Member Spotlight” series? Send an email to

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