Getting to Know Maintenance Technician Bobby Hoffarth

It’s often said that “dressing well is a form of good manners”. That philosophy never applied to anyone as much as it does to Sound’s Maintenance Technician Bobby Hoffarth. Sporting a polished bow tie and a friendly smile around the Sound campuses, Hoffarth exemplifies the professionalism and excellence we have all come to rely on from Sound’s Facilities and Operations teams.

Bobby Hoffarth

Hoffarth works in all areas of the Facilities Team, specializing in the appropriation of furniture, building maintenance, and site design along with managing and serving a variety of stakeholders including vendors and contractors.

The technician has a strong sense of personal style. Fueled by a lifetime of creative focus on the arts, Hoffarth is a published poet, a musician, and an aristologist – a person who loves the arts of both cooking and dining. He and his wife of 22 years, Betty, enjoy dining at different restaurants each week, exploring a variety of cuisines and cultures. Hoffarth is also famous for his amazing varieties of salsas that he meticulously prepares and shares with team members.

Hoffarth and his wife are also avid music fans, having attended countless musical performances of a variety of genres. The latest? Blink 182 with Lil Wayne over the Memorial Day weekend and then, Elton John at the Tacoma Dome. Hoffarth is a musician who was once in a band called Eminence. “Art and music are an important part of who I am. I play instruments, I sing, I write…I can’t believe I went to see Elton John!  It’s was a once in a lifetime opportunity to check something off my bucket list!”

In addition to valuing the arts, Hoffarth treasures his family. Hoffarth and his wife enjoy spending time with their two cats, Monty and Latuda, their bird Harley, their three children and their 10-year-old grandson. “There is nothing more important to me than being with my kids and grandson. Family is everything to me.”

When he’s not working hard on facilitating projects for team members, you can find Hoffarth designing and creating relaxing outdoor spaces at Sound’s multiple locations.  Bobby takes pride in his work – always striving to make Sound a beautiful, clean, organized, relaxing space.

Hoffarth joined Sound in 2018, after a long career working at the PIH hospital system in Southern California.

“Bobby has a great sense of humor and a never-give-up attitude; he tackles every day and every situation with positivity. He’s a real problem solver and a super person to work with and be around. It seems that a lot of people on campus know him and want him on their projects,” says Operations Manager James Hill. “Bobby is always very professional. He has a great attitude; he’s willing to go above and beyond to help team members and to get projects done. And, he has a light-heartedness that makes everyone smile. Every time I see him he says, ‘There’s a happy camper!’  We’re really glad to have Bobby on the team.”

Hoffarth loves his work with the Facilities Team, which allows him to be creative while being of service to others. His creative thinking has been instrumental in implementing preventive maintenance. For example, earlier in September, someone had left a water faucet running in a facility, causing disaster. Hoffarth suggested installing motion-detecting faucets at that location so that water could not be left on.

Why does Hoffarth choose to work for Sound? “I love it here. I love the people I work with and the clients we serve. It makes me happy to see people being treated so well here. I’m so proud of the work we do. I’m proud to be a part of Sound.”


Hoffarth graciously shared one of his published poems from the book, A Celebration of Poets – Showcase Edition Vol. 1, The Poetry Guild, 1998.

We – by Robert A. Hoffarth

The first two letters in wedding are “we”

That’s what a marriage should always be

Us together, what a mighty fine start

Love and honor, until death do us part

What we build together is shared by two

Our love for each other grows stronger

No matter what we do

Like climbing a mountain & sailing the sea

It’s rugged and calm, it’s pure ecstasy

There’s an art to marriage where two

Sides must try

If one side stops, you’re left with an “I”

So look to the future and not to the past

Love your partner like today is the last







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