Kent Facility Set to Open This Summer

After more than a year of planning and preparation, Sound announced the opening of its new Kent facility, currently planned for the end of July. The facility, at 4,900 square feet, will be located at 841 Central Avenue, just east of the downtown core. The facility will be open to all members of the community in need of quality mental health and addiction treatment services. Initially, 300 clients, most of whom reside in the South Sound, will be served at the facility. If community demand grows, Sound would plan to expand its presence in the community to meet that need.

As a growing number of clients migrate southward, access to services is more critical than ever. The decision, as mentioned in a previous edition of SoundBytes, is part of Sound’s strategic initiative to enhance access to care for clients — and reduce lengthy commutes for team members who live in the area. Overall, the responsiveness to clients and team members is a win-win for everyone.

The new facility features a streamlined and contemporary look, with frosted glass and an open-air setting. It will house nine treatment rooms, two group rooms and one primary care room. Approximately nine team members (including a Supervisor) and one peer support specialist will be there to serve the community.

After the facility opens, Sound will provide private tours to key constituents in the fall.

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