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“We are pleased to partner with Sound Mental Health in our initiative in three Seattle middle schools: Aki Kurose, Denny, and Mercer.  We are committed to supporting the success of all students and believe that behavioral and mental health is an essential part of that.  SMH brings invaluable expertise in providing responsive and culturally sensitive care for students through the Care Coordinator model.  We appreciate SMH’s work to strengthen our community and we are proud to partner with them.”

Nearly a decade of investing in the work of SMH, the Nesholm Family Foundation is a crucial partner in our collaborative work with the Seattle Public Schools. Funding our Middle School Support Project, the Nesholm Family Foundation is the heartbeat of our program, which enables SMH care coordinators to identify youth in distress and assist those experiencing disturbances in the home or school. With the help of the Foundation, we are able to help many of these youth (and their families) overcome the barriers that keep them from achieving their fullest potential in school. Our work serves struggling students and families with mental health issues, accelerates their academic performance while also promoting safety and mental wellness throughout the campus environment. This approach fosters a campus environment more likely to support success and academic opportunity of all students.

The Nesholm Family Foundation was established by the Will of Elmer J. Nesholm (1910-1986), a resident of Seattle and New York City who spent his working career as a key executive with United Parcel Service, which was founded in Seattle in 1907.  His concern for the welfare of others, his outlook as a future oriented problem solver, and his commitment to share his success with the community where he grew up led to the establishment of the Foundation in 1987.

The Nesholm Family Foundation awards grants in health and human services,  education, and the performing arts which benefit the residents of the City of Seattle and King County. Within the framework of these three categories, the Foundation favors investment in projects and programs that have the potential to:

  • Develop human potential
  • Enhance quality of life
  • Deal with important community issues and problems
  • Affect significant numbers of people in positive ways
  • Encourage the involvement of others
  • Leverage the use of Foundation assets to increase the project’s long-term impact


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