Client Spotlight: Nancy Clark

SMH’s Parent Partner program has provided support to Nancy Clark for nearly a year.

Though her son receives supportive services at another King County provider, Nancy has been supported by SMH’s Parent Partner program, a part of Child and Family Services. Like most people, Nancy has struggled to support her teen son’s intensive needs – in school, in the home and in the larger community. With SMH’s help and the support of the Parent Partner program, Nancy is now able to able to advocate successfully for her son and better navigate social services, seek support in the school system and identify resources. She now has more confidence in making parental choices for her son, which has helped the entire family. She strongly encourages other struggling parents to seek the help they need.

“Don’t wait. Do it now. “I really wish that I would have gotten involved (in SMH’s Parent Partners) sooner because of all the wonderful experiences we’ve been able to have and the support we received,” says Nancy. “I really feel that it is one of the blessings in our life to be able to use the Parent Partner program. It’s been great for our school, it’s brought our family closer together and allowed us to have experiences we’ve never been able to have.”

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