Board Profile: Paula Janson

“Mental Health is important because it impacts every facet of a person’s life – family, friends, relationships, ability to be successful at work, how a person interacts in their community, and an individual’s physical well-being.”

Paula Janson has served on the Sound Mental Health Board of Directors for 19 years, 9 of those as President, all on the Finance Committee, and  is currently chairs the Community Resources Committee. Originally from Seattle, she grew up on Vashon Island and has spent all but 3 years living in the Puget Sound area. Her early career was in the actuarial and property management fields with the remainder at Boeing in various disciplines, including purchasing, quality, program management and human resources. “As a single parent, I’m a doting mother of two daughters and the proud gramma to my precious grandson. I love to travel, read, hike, and stay involved with friends and the community, finding that retirement is indeed the ‘best job.'”

“I have seen firsthand the challenges that occur in a family when mental illness is present. For those who don’t have the resources or support systems to get help, it’s even more devastating. Being part of ensuring there’s a safe place to turn, where capable professional help is readily available to them, gives me a way to help.

Sound Mental Health has a long history of being a trusted partner with King County for helping individuals with complex and co-occurring disorders, being a “turn-to” expert in behavior health. We are being confronted every day with the need for behavioral health and mental health services, from issues of homelessness, to the increase in heroin and chemical abuse problems. Investing in SMH is investing in our community’s well-being.”

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