Board Profile: Lois Bloom

“I have a passion to build the public’s understanding and offering of behavioral health services because of the profound impact that treatment can have on a person’s life. If my serving on the SMH Board and Operations/Education Committee helps to promote in even one instance of a person whose life changes because of treatment they may have received, I cannot imagine a greater feeling of accomplishment.”

Being recently relocated to the PNW from Southern Arizona, I have served on Sound Mental Health Board for 6 months.   Prior to moving here I served on the Behavioral Health Board for La Frontera Arizona for nearly 20 years. My career has been in the profession of Banking for nearly 40 years. I have one son who lives and works in Seattle, and I have another son and daughter who each still work and reside in Tucson, AZ and my daughter and her husband have two adorable children, my precious grandbabies! But the best child is my Russian Wolfhound, Kisi Boy, whose love is unconditional. He loves walking on the beaches of Camano Island where we live.

“Mental Health care is important because the end result, if treatment is effective, will be safer and stronger communities. Behavioral Health must and should be treated like any other illness without stigma, and services must be available for everyone regardless of health plans.  If you have ever asked yourself when listening to a news report of senseless and violent acts on the evening news in our local community, “what is wrong with people?”, and then stop to think about the help that should be available for people that need Mental Health treatment and services.  We all want to live in safe and functional communities, it can be more than just a wish or dream….. it can happen with Sound Mental Health as our community partner.”

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