SMH’s “New Look” Web Site Goes Beyond Appearances

After six months of careful planning and implementation, Sound Mental Health rolled out its new web site on October 1, 2015. At first glance, the redesigned web site has a contemporary and inviting look. But a closer look will tell you that there’s more to the site than just appearances.

The web site was developed by, a web development studio that creates web applications and ecommerce sites for schools, non-profits and other organizations.  The web site is based on a WordPress platform, and costs significantly less to host and manage than the old web site, allowing the agency to allocate its financial resources in other areas. Because the WordPress platform is utilized, there is greater ease and speed in administering the site, content can be developed in a more timely fashion, and accessing information will be simplified for web site visitors. With WordPress integrating well with modern search engines, SMH will enjoy greater optimization among those searching for behavioral health agencies including clients, the community, and agency partners.

Beyond the more immediate benefits, the site reflects Sound Mental Health’s evolving brand. As the agency prepares to celebrate its 50th Anniversary in 2016, leverages the Affordable Care Act, gains traction with business partners and helps drive changing public attitudes about behavioral health, the new site will support efforts to cultivate relationships with the community, business partners and major health care collaborators in the region. The new site more effectively frames Sound Mental Health’s credibility as a central player in integrated healthcare.

The Development department, which oversaw the new site implementation, is presently engaged in Phase II, which will be dedicated to making significant updates to site content and enhancing the user experience.
Check back often during the months ahead for updates on the new site,

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