Sound Team

Sharon Griggins

Sharon Griggins joined Sound’s board of directors in October 2020 and oversees the organization’s Fundraising and Communications Committee.

Griggins brings extensive knowledge of fundraising, grant writing, communications and community relations to her position on Sound’s board, building on her experience working with a variety of nonprofit and art‐focused organizations including the Seattle Art Museum, KCTS/9, and the Seattle Public Library Foundation.

Though Griggins is now retired, she’s still incredibly active in the Pacific Northwest community. Currently, she’s a consultant for Library Strategies, a nonprofit that partners with library organizations around the globe to cultivate their potential so libraries can better serve their local communities. In addition, she volunteers as a docent at the Frye Art Museum and teaches English as a second language.

A longtime Seattle resident, Griggins was drawn to Sound because of its commitment to addressing behavioral health in the Seattle area, where those issues greatly affect the community. Griggins also was inspired by how the organization helps all individuals struggling with behavioral health, no matter their insurance status, gender or race.

She holds bachelor’s degrees in English and drama from Ripon College in Ripon, Wisconsin, and received her master’s in Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin in Madison.

Outside of her work on Sound’s board and in the community, Griggins enjoys reading, bicycling, hiking and swimming whenever she can.

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