Housing & Residential Services

Stable, affordable and secure housing is a basic ingredient for healthy living and continued independence. Sound offers an array of housing and supportive housing services to match the varied and changing needs of our clients.

Sound provides a variety of specialized housing options with case management support services for individuals who do not need 24-hour supervised care, but do require more support than can be found in regular low-income housing. Accessible, affordable and safe community-based housing resources are provided according to client preference, eligibility requirements, and clinical need. Sound has over 30 housing sites located throughout King County including apartments and community housing. Sound is also able to provide a number of Shelter Plus Care and subsidized set-aside apartments and collaborates with many other housing providers to ensure access to specialized housing.

People are given the treatment they need, when they need it. The treatment is based on a treatment and recovery plan developed with the client, family, other providers, and natural supports. Sound’s service philosophy is centered on the whole person with accessible, flexible and individualized care.

Stability through housing

Sound’s Supportive Housing programs include locations throughout the greater King County areas, and include McDermott Place, Gossett Place, Earnestine Anderson Place, August Wilson Place, Kenyon House, Pacific Court, South King County Housing First, Project Homestead, Standard Supportive Housing, and the Project
for the Assistance of the Transition of Homelessness (PATH).

Annamaria Gueco, Sound’s Supportive Housing program manager, is proud of the successes the residents have experienced in 2018.“We’re really empowering people to succeed. Permanent, supportive housing provides people with the stability and opportunity to attain their personal and professional goals.”

Ending homelessness is not just an ethical imperative. The cost of unhoused people is high, as treating homeless people in emergency systems does not address the root causes of homelessness. A cost-effective solution for people with disabilities, mental illness, addiction, and other issues, supportive housing provides its tenants with the support they need to stay housed and out of shelters, prisons, hospitals and other institutions.

“Sound’s goal is to provide whole person care for people,” says Gueco. “Our Supportive Housing programs have on-site Sound team-members, providing daily support services. Some, even seven days a week, with people receiving services multiple times per day.”


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