Sound Team

Christine McHugh

Christine McHugh was inspired to join Sound’s board of directors in June 2021 because of its mission to strengthen the community by delivering excellent health and human services tailored to meet individuals’ needs. Specifically, she applauds Sound for breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health and providing community members with the resources they often struggle to find on their own, regardless of income or insurance status.

McHugh spent 27 years of her professional career working for Starbucks in a variety of roles ranging from human resources to business development. She most recently served as the company’s vice president of customer service and operations. Soon after, she worked at healthcare start-up, Tangelo Health, before founding her own management and executive business where she currently works with a variety of small- and medium-sized businesses tackling business strategy, culture and leadership.

In addition, she recently published a book titled “From Barista to Boardroom” chronicling her nearly three-decade journey through Starbucks. McHugh also volunteers on the board for Green Apron Alliance, a nonprofit connecting former Starbucks employees and hold her bachelor’s degree in organization and leadership from Antioch University in Seattle.

Outside of Sound’s board, authoring her first book and running her business, McHugh enjoys endurance sports, especially cycling and running. In fact, she’s completed 25 half marathons, four marathons and two 100-mile bike rides.

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