Sound Mental Health is Now Sound And We’re At The Forefront Of Behavioral Healthcare

In the past, we were Sound Mental Health, an organization that serves its community with quality behavioral health services. Now, we are Sound, a health care organization still providing quality services that sits at the forefront of behavioral health, serving more than 22,000 people with complex mental health and addiction issues.

Our new name and branding represents more than just new colors and naming. It symbolizes tremendous change that has been taking place here for the past year and a half, changes that point our organization in a bold, new direction.

Sound is the first regionally to adopt Reaching Recovery, an emergent model of care that will enhance client care and support improved client outcomes. This model will also ensures caseloads for staff are at appropriate levels based on the level of service a client needs. We also reorganized our corporate structure to optimize our talent and better respond to opportunities in the behavioral health field. We also moved corporate headquarters to centralize operations and to expand much needed clinical space to serve more people.

In all, our new branding will reflect these changes and reassert our role as a leading healthcare organization that clients and our partners can rely on to address some of the most complex healthcare issues facing our region.

Our new logo, of course, has a story. We’re in the business of helping people get stable and independent. Our logo, then, applies gradient color and line movement to symbolize our role in empowering clients to get upright, moving from despair and hopelessness to a position of hope, confidence and stability. We think that this not only represents the work we do with our clients every day, but the work we do in collaboration with healthcare partners, today and into the future.

While we will continue to serve our community’s most complex behavioral health issues —which include acute mental health issues, addiction, housing, vocational, domestic violence and many other concerns— we will use our skill and experience to expand programs and explore new markets beyond King County. We at Sound are extremely excited about the work that lies ahead and we look forward to sharing new developments with the community in the months and years to come.

Though our name has evolved, Sound will continue to pursue its mission and commitment to our community that we have been known for the past 50 years.

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