Sound Messages of Hope

During this very uncertain time, Sound’s focus is on providing safety, stability, normalcy, and hope for our clients and team members.
Together, we can get through this! #WeGotThisSound

Best of Sound 2019

Whether it is a promotion, new opportunity or something more personal, we asked Sound team members to share the best thing that happened here at Sound in 2019.

Cambia Health Foundation: A “Big Picture” Partner with a Vision for System Change

Cambia Foundation’s Steve Lesky

In 2018, Cambia Health Foundation, the corporate foundation of Cambia Health Solutions, awarded Sound a three-year grant totaling $200,000 for its program serving the holistic needs of survivors of domestic violence. Sound was one of only 14 nonprofits from the Northwest to receive the award.

Sound Solutions Ensures Full Continuum of Care in the Community

Sound Solutions 2018 Annual Report Story

Since the beginning, Sound has held firm to its commitment of serving the community and providing comprehensive care to all who need it. In 2018, in alignment with that purpose, Sound made the decision to rebrand and actively market Sound Solutions, a long-time counseling program that serves people with commercial insurance.

September is Suicide Prevention Month: Dr Allen Hume Ph.D., C.D.P.

September is Suicide Prevention Month, which provides us with an opportunity to reflect on those loved ones lost, the impact on families and friends, and most importantly, develop ways to prevent this behavior from happening.