Sound at Overlake Mental Health Conference

Sound’s Laura Bruco, BA, clinician with the Transition Support Program presented on the topic: 1st Diagnosis Aftercare: What Happens Next? How to effectively support your loved one after a mental health diagnosis. The conference was a sold-out event at the Overlake Paccar Education Center.

Auburn Intern Drawn to Art : Guest Writer, Victoria Force

by Victoria Force, Child and Family Services   What is art therapy? Art therapy is an evidence-based mental health practice in which a trained art therapist utilizes art materials and other forms of expression to aid clients in their therapeutic journey. Art therapy can look like traditional talk therapy with art directives and materials used … Continue Reading »

Telling a New Story: SMH Client Goes From Chaos to Stability

When “Hope” (not her real name) arrived at SMH in 2010, she was caught in the maelstrom of domestic violence. She was leaving an abusive, long term marriage and wondering what the future would hold for her and her three young daughters.