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According to the Department of Labor, nearly 2 million U.S. workers each year report being victims of hostilities in the workplace, which includes threats of physical aggression, harassment, intimidation, or threatening disruptive behavior by associates, the public, or customers. Businesses failing to address these issues in a timely manner risk losing millions in lost productivity, increased healthcare costs and even legal fees. Sound provides structured, evidenced-based training to help businesses recognize and support employees, respond effectively and safely to agitated or aggressive individuals, and connect those in need to behavioral health resources. Trainings and consultations are tailored to meet your organization’s needs, including:

Individual or Group Consultation
Sound staff will meet with management to provide guidance for managing recurring safety or crisis issues and consult with them regarding responses and resources for specific cases.

Workplace Safety and De-escalation Training
Management or employees can take our evidence-based training programs, in half- or full-day sessions. Training focuses on safe and non-harmful behavior-based management strategies, with an emphasis on early intervention, prevention and managing aggressive behaviors. Attendees learn how behavior escalates and to organize their thinking to respond appropriately during moments of chaos. Training also focuses on the stages of aggression, de-escalation techniques, and methods for managing common emergency-related attitudes and behaviors. The full-day training includes a session on Personal Safety Tactics – a safe and non-harmful method of getting out of a physical crisis.

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