Clean Start

About Clean Start

Clean Start is a Sound program that promotes a sense of community and belonging for people engaged in Sound services. The program is based on a community integration model that, through a wide range of services, creates opportunities for the people we serve to experience enriching social connections, develop life skills, and have opportunities for self-care and wellness. The program enables clients to actually thrive, developing skills that enable them to successfully integrate into the community, gain greater independence and lead lives with dignity.

Clean Start Team

Clean Start’s interdisciplinary team consists of Peer Specialists and Case Managers available to support clients. Because it is co-located at the Sound Belltown location, there is ready access to Addiction Treatment, mental health and other services. 

Services Provided

  • Housing Assistance
  • Music, Art, Team Building, Recreational, Anger Management, Addiction, Meditation and Other Groups
  • Breakfast and affordable lunches
  • Hygiene and laundry
  • Mental Health Education Classes
  • Referrals to Community Resources
  • Counseling
  • Financial budgeting Assistance
  • Pre-Vocational Training and Job Search Assistance

Clean Start History

Founded in 1987, Clean Start was created with the idea that people benefitted from an opportunity to get a fresh start at life, thus inspiring the name “Clean Start.” The program began serving a small number of individuals with acute needs but quickly grew to serve hundreds today. The program is based on the day center model of care pioneered by New York’s Fountain House in the 70s. Clean Start inspires its members to actively engage in their recovery by taking steps toward rebuilding self-confidence, productivity and independent community living.

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