Team Member Spotlight: Mary Nicholls

Mary Nicholls, LMHCA, MHP

Mental Health Clinician

Adult Community Support

Introduce yourself!

Hello, everyone!  I am Mary Nicholls! I’m a mental health clinician on the Adult Community Support Team at Northgate!   ❤️

Tell us something about yourself. 

I returned to school to obtain a Master’s Degree in counseling, after working in mental health for 15 years!

Do you have a favorite book, tv show or movie? What makes it your favorite?

The best thing about commuting, before the pandemic, was listening to audiobooks from the library. ❤️

Do you have any advice for new team members?

Remember you have a team around you that can support you and help sharpen your skills and you can do the same for them. 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

Sound appreciates our rich diversity of team members. Feel free to tell us about your cultural, ethnic, or racial background! What does Sound’s Diversity and Inclusion statement mean to you?

I love Sound’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, and I have seen it at Sound gatherings. I am the granddaughter of immigrants, so I have an appreciation of immigrants and those not of the dominant culture. I am primarily of the dominant culture, growing up in the Seattle area and living in the PNW all my life. I have appreciated how Seattle appears to have become more diverse over the years and I commit to embracing people from all walks of life .

Tell us about someone at Sound who has had a big impact on you!

The agency in which I worked for years, merged with Sound, 14 months ago. I have always appreciated my colleagues and my supervisors, attending to what I can glean from each person, as well as how I can contribute to their growth. I know that almost all of us are good listeners, are open to critique, value other people, and nuance. It is a good field in which to work. 😇

What is your favorite thing about working at Sound?

Sound is a large organization, so whenever it can feel smaller to me, by making connections, or learning that someone I know from the past, also works here, it pleases me. ❤️

Thank you for choosing Sound, Mary!  We’re so happy to have you on our team! <3

Would you like to join the team? Sound is hiring!

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