Joseph Williams, Heroes & Champions Award Winner: Administrative

Joseph Williams is one of those team members who, through their work and dedication, make Sound the special place that it is. These traits, and more, earned him the recognition of his team mates, and resulted in his selection for the Heroes & Champions Award for Administrative team members.

Joining Sound in 2015 as a Kitchen Aid with Assisted Living, Williams says, “I find my work to be very rewarding because I know I’m helping to make a difference for our clients, and that makes we want to learn even more so that I can do my job better.”

In addition to experience in the kitchen, Williams has a wealth of handy-man experience, previously working as a carpenter, an air conditioning and HVAC repairman, an electrician and an auto mechanic. He also gained great deal of knowledge from his time spent in the military. He enjoys using the skills that he has gained through his past experiences to help people both at Sound, and in his community.

“Right now, I’m enjoying bringing my skills to Sound,” he explains. “Working in Assisted Living gives me the opportunity to use all of my skills and experience to help out. All types of small jobs and maintenance need to be done, and I know that what I’m doing improves the quality of service that Sound can provide for our clients.”

Williams knows that his contributions ensures Sound’s ability to deliver on its promise to the community.

“Sound’s mission means a lot to me,” he says. “It means that we all work together to make lives better for the unfortunate and those who we seek to rehabilitate. Oftentimes people in these groups don’t get the help that they need, and without Sound, many of those who we serve would be on the streets. But that is why Sound is here; to help those who are marginalized.”

How does being nominated for the award feel?

“It came as a surprise that my peers thought of me and nominated me for the Heroes & Champions Award,” Williams says. “Being nominated makes me feel like I’m respected just as much as I respect all of my team members.”

The rewards of the work he does for clients can be found in the little things, he says.

“When I see them smile I know that I’ve done a good job. It’s through their smiles that I know what I’m doing is appreciated and is making a difference, and for me that’s what it’s all about!”

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