Byron Hackett, Heroes & Champions Award Winner: Facilities

If there was a picture to define the word “team work,” it’s likely that Byron Hackett would be the image used. This year’s winner of the Heroes & Champions Award for Facilities team members, Hackett is nothing short of the ultimate team player.

“I like working with my teammates and the clients,” Hackett declares. “It seems like I know most of the clients just from living in the area. Most of the clients are nice, and my boss here is really nice and supportive too!”

Hackett’s current role with Sound is in Environmental Services, where he ensures that the facilities are properly maintained and are warm and welcoming, safeguarding that both our clients and team members have a clean environment and a good experience when visiting Sound.

“I feel that the work I do here at Sound is important because I’m helping to keep everyone protected,” Hackett explains. “Especially since Covid protocols have been in place, I know that wiping down door knobs and other high touch surfaces, and keeping the restroom clean and stocked, goes a long way in helping to keep our workplace safe.”

Hackett understands that it takes every team member working together in order for Sound to deliver our mission to the community.

“What I like about working with my team members at Sound is the communication,” Hackett reasons. “Even though we all have different jobs to do, good communication ensures that we are all working together. When there is a problem that needs solving we all jump in and figure it out together. Sound’s mission means being a resource for the community and helping out, and putting forth the effort to make sure that everyone gets the necessary help that they need.”

There are many times that Hackett felt that he made a difference, and made our clients feel valued.

“One day a client just needed someone to talk to – she was having a really bad day and was crying,” Hackett shares. “I spent some time listening to her and tried to make sure she understood that everything would be fine, that it would all be Ok. I wanted to make sure was going to get any help she needed so confirmed that she would be speaking with her clinician. I went to the front office and let them know that the client was needing help at the moment and couldn’t wait. After sitting and talking with me she began to feel better and gave me a hug. It made me feel good to know that I was able to be there for someone.”

The work that Hackett has done, day in and day out, and always being there for his teammates and Sound’s clients, did not go unnoticed.

“Most of the time I’m kind of in the background,” Hackett says with a smile. “So being nominated by my peers for the Heroes & Champions Award is actually saying to me that I have been noticed. It feels good!”

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