Jody Schreven, Heroes & Champions Award Winner: Child & Family Services

When Sound Team member Jody Schreven isn’t spending her free time tilling the soil and planting seeds in her own garden at home, she’s busy at work, helping the families she serves thrive, grow and become strong.  This years’ Heroes & Champions Award winner for Child & Family Services, Schreven has been with Sound for more than 13 years (plus seven years volunteering), enriching the lives of hundreds of people every year.

As a Parent Partner, Schreven helps vulnerable families navigate systems of care to support their wellness. As an advocate for the families she serves, Schreven is good at what she does and derives deep gratification for the work she does, knowing she is “changing the systems of care.”

“It means that we build healthy communities,” she says, when asked what the Sound Mission means to her. “If I help one person that fulfills my day.”

Schreven knows the power of her work and the impact she has on people’s lives, finding that the small things have the biggest impact.

“What I love about working here is that if I can make somebody’s day better … or help them find something that they are in need of,” she says, “that’s what makes me happy.”

Jody is a cherished team member at Sound, and the work she does brings her in contact with numerous team members, from office staff to clinicians. Her nomination might not have been a surprise to those who selected her, but she was absolutely humbled at being chosen.

“I’m kind of taken aback,” she says at being nominated. “I kind of like to do my stuff in the background; not get noticed. I don’t know, I sometimes feel like I don’t deserve it…I’m grateful, I’m honored.”

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