Sound Making Changes at Eastside, Central Seattle Locations

As Sound consolidates operations and improves access for clients, there will be noticeable changes on the eastside and in central Seattle.

In mid-August, Sound will move out of its Wallingford location, primarily moving services to the Lake City Way and Northgate locations. The change was part of Sound’s planning to streamline operations, manage costs and ensure more appropriate and sustainable use of team member resources.

At the beginning of September, Sound will open its new Bel-Red location, at 13555 Bel-Red Road, Bellevue, WA 98005, transferring teams and clients from its North Creek and Rainbow Creek locations to the new, 10,000 square foot facility. Access to the North Creek and Rainbow Creek facilities is challenging and nowhere near mass transit, resulting in difficulty for Sound clients. Sound sold the properties in 2021 and has been leasing it from the owner until it found a site with more favorable access for clients and team members alike.

“We have been planning these changes for some time,” says Guy Delisi, Chief Operations Officer. “Overall, our goal is to make accessing services easier for our clients, while finding greater efficiencies and opportunities to better utilize our team members. These changes, collectively, will allow Sound to achieve those objectives.”

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