Sound opens new Snoqualmie location

When Sound opened its first location in Snoqualmie in 2018, we knew eventually that we would need to grow in order to meet the growing need for services in the community.

That time came this past September, when we moved into our newer, larger location at 7713 Center Blvd. SE, Suite 190 in the Snoqualmie Ridge Village.

The 2,500 square foot facility is outfitted with space for two exam rooms (for future services), one group room and five clinical treatment rooms for five team members. Located with close access to transit and major highways, the new location is near a residential area, local schools and community centers, providing ready support to the community.

Currently, the facility will provide services for children, youth and adult caregivers. As community need increases, the facility will consider adding other adult services in the future.

“Sound is delighted to be moving into a new and larger space in the Snoqualmie town center,” says eastside regional director, Joelle Blair.  “This will allow us to expanded our safety net of behavioral health services to the residents of the growing Snoqualmie Valley area.”   

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