Sound’s Expansion Plans Solidify

Though the pandemic may have slowed Sound’s expansion, the organization has been moving forward with its original growth plans. Those plans, supported by a study done by Cushman & Wakefield in 2018, are still very much underway, with new facilities set to open as soon as the next few months.

The latest and most noteworthy development is Sound’s plans to open a facility in Pierce County. It will be a 6,900 square foot space in downtown Tacoma. This location aligns with Sound’s Cushman & Wakefield study and is designed to meet increasing demand growing in the South part of the Puget Sound region. Sound anticipates that the facility will open in early Q1 2022.

Sound already serves clients in Pierce County with developmental disabilities, so the new facility not only improves access to care for them, but also provides a foundation to expand other services, and serve other clients, in the area.

“This is a move we’ve been planning for years and though Covid slowed things down a bit, we have never wavered from our growth plans in Pierce County,” says Patrick Evans, President & CEO for Sound. “For us, this expansion makes sense: Managed Care Organizations have expressed interest in having us in Pierce County, we already serve people there, and be believe the community would benefit from greater options for quality behavioral and whole healthcare.”

While plans for Pierce County are presently underway, Sound continues working on its other expansion activities.

The new Snoqualmie facility, which strengthens our presence on the far Eastside, opens in September 2021. That facility, a 2,500 square foot location, is at 7713 Center Blvd. SE in Kimball Creek Village. It is optimally located near schools, neighborhoods and healthcare referral partners. Sound is vacating its old Snoqualmie facility to accommodate more people seeking services in the community.

Strategic expansion on the central and north Eastside continues as Sound is making plans currently to open a new Totem Lake facility, sometime in late 2021. That 7,000 square foot facility, located at 12910 Totem Lake Blvd. NW, will be vastly more accessible to our current clients and the larger community, given its location. This facility will accept new clients and will temporarily house clients from our closed Redmond facility as it undergoes renovations.

Other Eastside Locations: Crossroads

With Totem Lake and Snoqualmie nearing completion, expansion into Crossroads is still in the works and is slated be open and serving clients by early 2022. More information on this project will be forthcoming as more information becomes available.

The demand for our comprehensive behavioral and whole health services, whether it is on the Eastside or in Pierce County, continues to drive our growth. Despite ongoing challenges that the healthcare sector faces with regard to workforce, including Sound and other behavioral health providers, Covid has created increasingly growing demand for services. Sound’s mission, despite these challenges, is to serve our entire community and to provide services where they are needed.

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