Team Member Spotlight: Nhautrey Brown, Child & Family Services

What is your title and what program do you work in?

CFS Clinician / Child & Family

Tell us something about yourself that we’d be surprised to learn.

I ran track & field for 17 years, 4 of which were at the collegiate level at George Mason in Virginia.

Do you have a favorite book, tv show or movie? What makes it your favorite?

Movie – Inception. I am really interested in dreams, how they work, and their meanings. I have watched the movie several times and still don’t understand the ending. TV Show – Breaking Bad. It kept me on my toes the entire time!

Heard any good jokes lately?

Why do we say “Heads up” when really we should duck?

Do you have any advice for new team members?

All of the things you have ever learned about self-care, no matter how annoying it was to hear ALL THE TIME, is very true. Take it seriously. Also, Sound is great!

Sound appreciates our rich diversity of team members. Feel free to tell us about your cultural, ethnic, or racial background! What does Sound’s Diversity and Inclusion statement mean to you?

African American/Black

What is your favorite thing about working at Sound? 

I feel trusted and understood. Sound works hard to recognize team members and to make everyone feel special.

Thank you for choosing Sound, Nhautrey! We’re so happy to have you on our team!

Would you like to join the team? Sound is hiring!

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