Racism and Trauma: The Connection

At Sound, many of our team members must treat clients who are affected by Racialized Trauma, anxiety, and various forms of PTSD. The more knowledge about these topics our team members have, the more effective, culturally competent, and empathetic the treatment. The community as a whole benefits. Tulane University professor Estilla Lightfoot is an expert on racism-induced PTSD and Intergenerational Trauma. Professor Lightfoot spoke with Sound’s D&I Coordinator Kevin Henry recently in a 20-minute recorded conversation. 

Sound team members have expressed that understanding mental health issues such as Racialized Trauma, Microaggressions, and Implicit Bias is very relevant to their work with our diverse client base and continue to commit themselves to growing in these areas.

Video interviews on topics like Racialized Trauma are also available to Sound clients and the general public. For more information, contact diversity.inclusion@sound.health.

Here is the link to the conversation with Professor Lightfoot:

For more information, contact diversity.inclusion@sound.health

More information about the effects of Racial Trauma.


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