Sound Stands With the Asian-American Community

Asian-American Pacific Islander Discussion Group Formed at Sound

The shocking and brutal murders of eight people in Atlanta last week — eight of them members of the Asian-American Pacific Islander (AAPI) community — casts a powerful spotlight on the underlying hate and racism that still exists in our country. This latest tragic event comes after weeks of violence against members of the Asian-American community and Sound wishes to declare that it stands alongside them to denounce all acts of violence.

Sound’s Diversity & Inclusion program has formed an AAPI discussion group for team members to have difficult conversations, process feelings, express concerns and talk about how to practice self-care during these difficult times. In addition, the group will focus on how to serve AAPI clients and how to engage non-AAPI in Anti-Hate activities in our region. This group is part of a larger diversity program at Sound, which will continue to tackle difficult topics around race, equity and privilege in this country.

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