Team Member Spotlight: LaFawn Smith

Tell us something about yourself that we’d be surprised to learn.

I love aquatic life, love to set up and maintain fish tanks.

Do you have a favorite book, tv show or movie? What makes it your favorite?

Geesh, big question! I love reality shows like Survivor, Hells’s Kitchen, Big Brother. What makes them my favorite is the fact that you see people in their raw element, humble but strategic.

Do you have any advice for new team members?

Work and your work ethic is what matters. Give your all because after all that’s why we do what we do, right? Plus Sound is an amazing place to work.

Sound appreciates our rich diversity of team members. Feel free to tell us about your cultural, ethnic, or racial background! What does Sound’s Diversity and Inclusion statement mean to you?

The biggest impact that Sound has left on me is the Silent March after the George Floyd (and others) senseless deaths. The very fact that this organization recognized this injustice and gave their employees a platform to express themselves merely just by our presence made my heart smile even in the madness. To see children walking, people on their roof tops showed this too shall pass! BTW, I still have my Black Lives Matter poster from that day in my window.

Who at Sound has had a big impact on you? Briefly explain how they had an impact on you.

That’s easy; my supervisor Vanessa Smith. She is a born leader, she is patient and understanding but mostly she loves her work and aspires you to do the same passionately!

What is your favorite thing about working at Sound?

Well, it’s pretty quiet around there but I do look forward to contributing my part to patient care daily AND I love the kindness and warmth from our front desk receptionist Kevin Cox, to me he is the face of an amazing place in which I am proud to work for!

Thank you for choosing Sound, LaFawn! We’re so happy to have you on our team!

Would you like to join the team? Sound is hiring!

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