Heroes of the Pandemic: Cathy Callahan & Jody Schreven

Sound has played a vital role in the community for over 50 years. And now, during the Covid-19 crisis, Sound’s team of experts continues to serve thousands of clients in person as well as via telehealth every month. Join us as we continue to visit and celebrate Sound’s Heroes of the Pandemic.

The heart and soul of our model of care are the people who work here, helping clients get through these scary, unprecedented times. We will continue to work with people and we will get through this together with these Heroes of the Pandemic.

Meet Cathy Callahan and Jody Schreven, two Certified Peer Counselors at Sound who have dedicated their careers to working with families and kinship caregivers. This dynamic duo has been a successful team at Sound for over 11 years. Callahan and Schreven have led many groups and events. They have been chosen to represent Sound at multiple, statewide healthcare conferences, sharing their progressive knowledge, and lived experience with others.  They have taken groups of families, kids, and kinship caregivers on fun outings, all around the Greater Sound area.  Recently, the two team members have added online cooking classes and intergenerational art projects to the services they offer.  As many of Sound’s Peer Counselors do, Callahan and Schreven provide supplies and food to families and kinship caregivers, as part of their work on behalf of the Sound Child & Family Services teams.  And now, due to the pandemic, Callahan and Schreven have begun running their group meetings online, supporting dozens of families and kinship caregivers throughout the area. 

“It’s really stunning how little support many parents and caregivers have without the schools being physically open. That’s why we have two Zoom Groups weekly as well as safe and healthy events monthly. We check in. We reset. We laugh. We share. We get our positive mindset back. It’s important to continue the work we do together,” says Jody. 

“Jody and I just want everyone to know that we both appreciate that Sound has been so amazing at providing us with ways to stay safe and still allow us to keep doing these jobs we love,” exclaimed Cathy. “Thanks to our Managers, our ELT (especially Katrina Egner, Guy Delisi, and Susie Winston), and everyone up to and including Patrick.  We are grateful for all of you.”

We’re thankful and proud of you both, Cathy and Jody. Thank you for all your years of dedicated service and for being Heroes of the Pandemic.

Sound is open and accepting clients for in-person counseling or teletherapy. Call to set up an appointment: 206-302-2300.

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