Several Sound team members and clients will have the opportunity to participate in a virtual listening session sponsored by the Office of Inspector General on August 13, from 9:30 am – 11 am. The primary goal of this event, which is called a “Sentinel Event Review,”  is to hear from diverse, unheard voices usually not present at these kinds of events. These voices are vital when it comes to creating policies related to law enforcement. Sound team members and clients interact often with local law enforcement at various sites. Furthermore, police play an important role in de-escalation and the handling of other types of complex situations involving team members and clients. Having positive interactions with the police is critical to the welfare of Sound’s team members and clients.


The death of George Floyd, along with other racially-charged incidents in 2020, has ignited protests and other forms of civil unrest and violence across the country for over two months.  The listening session will examine the large-scale use of force against protestors with the goal of preventing negative outcomes in the future. In addition, participants can express other concerns and feelings about law enforcement. In view of the recent controversy involving “defunding” of Seattle police, this event is all the more timely. Community participation in the process will contribute to creating a different way of providing public safety that is responsive to concerns being expressed by the community.

Through this process, OIG seeks to improve the systems that guide law enforcement, in particular SPD’s response to protests. Learn more about ongoing work at OIG will use information gathered from public hearings, news, social media, and speaking with the community, to focus on areas of community concern in the formal review of SPD protest response, with community voices at the table.

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