Client Frequently Asked Questions

Sound continues to be here for our community, accepting new clients and serving our current clients during the COVID-19 crisis. We are ready to support and serve you.

You can make an appointment to meet with a team member M-F at a time and location that works for you, whether that is face-to-face, or telehealth.

Walk-In service hours are limited at this time, due to COVID.

Please call us first at (206)302-2300 to ensure you can get an appointment.

Q Can I still do video/phone sessions now that you’ve reopened your locations?
A Yes, you will still be able to do video or phone sessions with your clinician, provided you have Wi-Fi access, a smartphone or a telephone. If the rules around this change, we will notify you.
Q Can I still get in-person help for things like budgeting, completing forms, phone call advocacy, and more?
A Yes. Just contact your clinician.
Q What will treatment look like these days? Can I be in the same room as a clinician?
A While we will still provide telehealth options, clients who wish to receive in-person support with their clinician can expect a treatment room that allows for 6 feet of social distancing and a requirement for all visitors to wear a face mask. Or you might be offered the option for a video session with your clinician while your clinician is in another office.
Q What will the hours of operation be for me to come by for a visit?
A As we navigate life after COVID-19, hours of operation and location information is likely to change as we receive new information from the governor’s office or other authorities. We have attached a sheet with our current office hours and locations. Please call us at 206-302-2300 before arriving and we can provide any updates to this information.
Q As a family member/caregiver who brings someone to Sound, will there be a safe place/way for me to wait?
A Since all lobbies have been modified to provide safe social distancing, we now have limited space for those who are waiting for services for caregivers/family members. We ask that you arrive no more than 5 minutes before your session and leave following your session. If family members or caregivers can wait in an alternative area or in a car, it would be appreciated. All team members, clients and visitors are required to wear face coverings. There will also be frequent cleaning of our common areas.
Q What if I’m not feeling well and have a face-to-face appointment…what should I do?
A Please do not enter the Sound building and call your clinician directly, at 206-302-2300.
Q What steps have you, or will you take to keep me safe?
A We have set up our facilities to ensure social distancing, we keep the number of team members in our buildings to a minimum number to ensure safety, use floor markings to maintain 6 feet of distance, installed special air filters in our HVAC systems to filter out impurities in the buildings and replace them more frequently. Additionally, we have hired more janitorial staff to keep extra-high levels of sanitation at our locations, we provide you with masks when you enter our building, and we provide health screening/temperature check each time you enter our buildings.
Q If my clinician/case manager sees a client before me, what steps do you take to protect me?
A Your clinician/case manager has been instructed to observe frequent hand washing, proper face-covering protocols and wiping down their room after each session. In addition, we have a dedicated janitorial team member who will be responsible for cleaning common areas throughout the day.
Q What should I do if I arrive very early – like before 5 minutes before my appointment?
A Clients needing to arrive more than 5 minutes before their appointment can still check-in and will be asked to social distance and wear a mask.  Waiting space is limited due to measures being taken to help with social distancing so those able to wait outside, or return closer to their appointment time have those options available to them as well.
Q What good does a face-covering do?
A They can slow the spread of COVID-19 by preventing droplets from contaminating surfaces or being airborne.
Q Do I have to wear a mask?
A Yes, clients, team members and all visitors are required to wear a face mask.
Q Are there any vaccines yet for COVID-19? Do you know when there will be a vaccine?
A Not at the current time. Though there are more than 100 vaccine projects underway, there is no clear timeline for one to be available. Some estimates are that one may be available at the end of this year or as far out as mid-2021. We will be sure to inform our clients when we know more.
Q Will Sound be testing us or your staff for COVID-19?
A No, tests are for people who show COVID-19 symptoms. We do health screen, everyone who enters our buildings, however. If you do exhibit symptoms you should contact your physician immediately.
Q What happens if my clinician gets sick and I can’t work with them?
A If your clinician is ill, you will receive a phone call from us, asking if you are able to re-schedule and offering you the next available time with your clinician. If you are unable to wait until your clinician has returned, we will schedule an urgent appointment with a different clinician.


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