Black Lives Matter: Sound’s Next Steps

As Sound actively works to determine the best and most impactful actions we can take in the coming weeks, months and year please know that we aware that our Black community, and that of all people of color, want information on our intended actions, not platitudes.  I will not offer you the same that you may have seen from other CEOs and management teams regarding internal policy changes and general commitments as that is not enough.

We need to outline a strategy, not a program, so we are engaging not only management but all of our team members.  Any impact will require everyone to drive our actions and create accountability.  This is not to say we will wait for a perfect strategy to offer support.  We will continue to communicate our actions as they are developed. Anti-racism and Solidarity is the key to long term change.

I believe that, “For those of us who are not Black, our privilege does not excuse us from the responsibility that we have to rise up and speak out against violence and systemic racism because it is inconvenient or uncomfortable.”

·         True solidarity is not looking the other way or detaching from the harsh realities.

·         True solidarity is not allowing guilt or shame or fear prevent us from consistently confronting discrimination and injustice.

·         True solidarity is not donating money or fundraising then saying, “my work is done.”

·         True solidarity IS standing shoulder to shoulder with Black people to dismantle institutional and systemic racism and build a future that is rooted in equity.  This only happens when people of privilege stand with those who do not have privilege.  I hope you decide to be a part of the change.

For Sound this is a first step.  Concrete details will be forthcoming.  Please know that I and all of the ELT hear your voices and that of our clients.

Below is information provided by former President Barack Obama’s new ERA commitment.  This week you will also receive more resources and information from our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion team so you can research how you can be an ally and actively participate in Antiracism.

One of the easiest and most impactful action is for us to register to vote. 

Become informed during the elections and ensure you vote. 

You can register online at the link below

We are, oneSOUND!

In service and unity,

The Executive Leadership Team













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