It’s time to Make a Difference and GiveBig!

Those suffering from mental health issues and addiction are feeling isolated now more than ever before and with your support, Sound has been able to provide a vital connection.

Today is the day to GiveBig and help Sound continue our work, supporting our most vulnerable community members.

“One of Sound’s clients recently said that her call with her therapist was the only contact she had had that entire week. That call was her lifeline of hope.”

Sound was able to be there for that client and 26,000 others in our community because of the generous help from our donors.

Because of your support Sound is providing:

  • A lifeline of hope for our clients, setting up prepaid mobile phones for those who need them most, offering clients a direct link to their therapist and medical provider.
  • A safe place to stay, offering much needed transitional housing, motel vouchers and community outreach.
  • Essential daily medication and medical care for those who are struggling to afford treatment.

Because of YOU, thousands of people are filled with hope. Join us today for GiveBig and help make a BIG difference in the lives of SO many with your gift.

Thank you for your continued support.

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