Sound Donors Help Clients Stay Connected Through Safety Net Funding

Even in the best of circumstances, many of Sound’s clients struggle with isolation. During this unprecedented health crisis, many people are having to figure out how to stay supported and connected while staying safe and apart. One of the many ways that Sound is helping our clients is by providing free TracFones for those who most need them, made possible by the generosity of our donors.

“We have many clients who do not own a phone or have access to one. Providing one opens a whole new world for them and most importantly, gives access to their therapist and doctors who can provide the care they need,” states Sarah Durham, Senior Clinic Manager. “We recently had a client who was struggling and unable to reach out for help. A team member was able to provide a phone preset with their therapist’s phone number in the address book. Since then, the client and therapist have been able to maintain contact and the client is no longer struggling.

Because of donations to Sound’s Safety Net Fund, team members can provide the phones needed to keep Sound’s clients healthy and connected as well as prevent unnecessary hospital visits, keeping those beds open for the most critical patients in our community. Most importantly, we are able to provide a lifeline of hope.


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