Running Start Student Alissa Gustafson Gives Back To Community

Alissa Gustafson, a junior at Kentwood High School in the Running Start program at Green River Community College, recycled some of Sound’s old T-shirts and made masks!

Alissa started making masks because she wanted to help the community and have a little bit of fun while sheltering in place with her family. “I was just trying to think of a way I could help my community who couldn’t get ahold of masks,” Said Gustafson. “I thought making them would be a good way to occupy my time while benefitting other people.”

Program Director David O’Neal was really pleased and proud of the teen. “We’re so thankful! These branded masks are pretty great! We’re showing pride for Sound and we’re really happy to be able to share these with clients and team members! Thanks, Alissa!”

The masks will be distributed to Sound team members and clients who need them.


David Oneal and Shay
David O’Neal and Shay model the masks that Alissa Gustafson made from old Sound t-shirts


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