Sound Messages of Hope

During this very uncertain time, Sound’s focus is on providing safety, stability, normalcy, and hope for our clients and team members.

Together, we can get through this!  #WeGotThisSound



“Amazed out the creative uses of technology! Much thanks to our IT department for getting these platforms up and running. Today clinicians shared how they are using Zoom whiteboard to play games and interact with clients, and using amazon prime to read and share free social-emotional books with clients. Grateful for the use of these platforms and clinician creativity and clients’ willingness to try new things.”

Dennis M

“Hello: I am the program manager at Sound Northgate and I have been receiving a good amount of phone calls from our clients expressing their gratitude for our staff and for Sound continuing to provide services and, for simply caring about them during this very difficult and strange time. Thank you all for caring and continuing to support each other and our clients! ”

Robyn D

“To everyone whose trying to help our clients, keep up on documentation, dealing with tech issues, and trying to homeschool/ take care of your kids- Thank you! You’re a rock star. ”

Dennis M

“I’d just like everyone to know that there are things they CAN control during this time – like taking care of their body, calling a friend, relaxing with a book.”

Nev T

“I’m just super proud of how dedicated everyone is to the work we’re doing and the people we’re helping at Sound.”

Lori B

“Find a way to escape reality for a bit. Some prefer books, movies, a good TV show, a podcast. I’m currently loving Animal Crossing!”

Quinn R

“Look what we can do!!”

Letha F

“A lot of my clients (who are kids) feel a mixed range of emotions in this complex time. I like to remind the kids that it is okay for them to feel many things at one time. Fear, irritation, anxiety, sadness, confusion and anger etc. are all valid emotions that need to be expressed in a healthy manner”

Finn M

“It’s okay to set boundaries/limits with your news consumption. Take care of yourself in all ways you need it right now!”

Maggie H

“My community is using Nextdoor to connect to neighbors with offers of grocery shopping and other tasks for individuals who can’t leave their homes. Acts of kindness will help us all get through this together!”

Karen A

I am able to “take walks” with one of my clients. We both go outside, they tell me what they see and I tell them what I see. Really works on decreasing depression and we both learn something.”

Karen F

“With a large extended family, we often would have kids and grandkids coming and going, and with social distancing I miss that. Now the highlight of my day is when one of them calls, just to check in to see how we are doing or to simply say Hi. Call a loved one today!”

Bruce S

I started my job here in crisis services and am able to work with some of the most brilliant, funny, talented, and hardworking individuals I have ever had the pleasure to work with.”

Kat Cole

“It will be the Islamic Holy month of Ramadan starting the end of April. Ramadan is normally about family, connection, and community as well as breaking bread. Most masjids put on a dinner *(Iftar) each night to feed those that can’t afford to break their fast, due to the limits on public gatherings, this will inevitably cause hundreds of Muslims all over the country to be hungry. This year many are unsure what will happen or how they will get food. I have been asking friends and family to drop off any non-perishable Kosher & Halal foods you have to the nearest masjid or in my office at cap hill and I will take it to my masjid. I know this was for advice, encouraging stories and uplifting comments, but this is something that really concerns me and my family, I would love any help. Please help me spread some kind of joy to nearby Muslims in these difficult times.”


“A few weeks before all this happened, a group of my best friends and I used the Marco Polo app to reconnect with each other. So when we had to isolate suddenly, we were already “alone together,” and already had established contact with people who knew us best. The timing was so fortuitous, and we’ve decided to use this time to engage more deeply with each other.”

Molly D

Each one of us has lived through some devastation, some loneliness, some weather superstorm or spiritual superstorm, when we look at each other we must say, I understand. I understand how you feel because I have been there myself. We must support each other and empathize with each other because each of us is more alike than we are unalike.” -Maya Angelou

Jen T

“A client told me, ‘Mental health work is more important than ever. Thank you for the work you are doing.'”


“I just wanted to say that it’s still important for us to slow down every day and be thankful for something. My heart aches when a client tells me that our time together is the only real connection they have to the outside world right now. Human connection is something we all need, and in this time of isolation, it is paramount that we all stay connected on some level. Try and take time every day to reach out to someone in your personal life who might need to hear from you. They may need you, but you also need them.”

Zach C

I have been calling my client’s homes to check in. I spoke with a client’s mother, whom I have only met once. She asked about my family and when I told her I didn’t have family she said that if I need anything at all, she and her husband would be happy to help me, e.g., getting groceries or prescriptions. An hour later I called an AFH and the caregiver told me that if I needed toilet paper, she would give me some. I was surprised and thankful to have received such offers of kindness from people who barely know me.”

Jessie R

“I live in Everett which is a surprisingly talkative town (normally). I went to pick up some essentials at Safeway, and everyone was silent. The staff looked so depressed. I started thanking them for being there & they were SO happy 🙂 One lady, behind the deli counter, told me that I was the first person to speak to her in 3 hours & I made her day :-)”

Todd O

“I am working from home. I have to divide time to meet everyone’s needs. Sometimes I’m a cheerleader, I motivate my oldest and refocused her to complete all the school work she’s receiving. I’m a teacher, I have to help the girls to practice their skills everyday… so I’m trying to be dynamic… We bought roller skates (thanks Amazon!), now they are rolling few minutes, they sit for 10-20 to complete 1 homework and they can go back to roll (My children PE teachers will be very proud!).”

Leira L

“The HOP team is part of a project outreaching thousands of community members in public housing throughout the Seattle area. Just this week, HOP team members have stepped up to problem solve how to help community members access basic needs such as food and medications, and have also lent a supportive ear and some reflective listening to those who feel isolated and worried. Yeah, HOP! “

Sasheem S-H






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