Team Member Spotlight: Shaluk Biswas

Shaluk Biswas

Shaluk Biswas


Primary Care

Tell us something about yourself that we’d be surprised to learn.

I did my Internal Medicine residency in New York and then moved to Washington with my family. I worked as a hospitalist in few busy community hospitals since then. After few years, I wanted to find a balance in my life, so decided to work in outpatient setting. I am currently focusing on chronic disease management as well as preventive medicine with the emphasis on evidence-based screening tests.

I also enjoy cooking for my family. Now-a-days, I’ve got a little helper in my kitchen, my son who is constantly helping me with difficult tasks like opening microwave doors as well as pouring a glass of water (of course those are two person jobs!!).

Do you have any advice for new team members?

I am a new member as well and came from a different setting of healthcare. I found each and every member of Sound helpful and friendly. I would say, ”Be a part of the team, work together, try to learn from your mistakes and if you don’t know something, just ask.”

Do you have any hobbies that you’d like to tell us about?

Cooking, reading books and spending quality time with my friends and family.

What is your favorite thing about working at Sound?

Sound is doing an amazing job in the community by providing mental health care as well as addiction treatment services. They are also adding primary care to support the total well-being of the Sound members. I truly admire the whole health approach of Sound.

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