Best of Sound 2019

Whether it is a promotion, new opportunity or something more personal, we asked Sound team members to share the best thing that happened here at Sound in 2019. The response was overwhelming in the positive responses by our team members, all of whom described meaningful, purpose-driven work as well as great relationships.  It seems that Sound team members have a lot of respect and gratitude for their fellow team members, and that is something we can all celebrate.




“I’m so glad that Sound was able to get the 100 G.R.O.U.P. (Gender Real-ness of Unique Peers) up and running here in Auburn.  The LGBTQ clients that have been able to attend have been especially grateful.  We hope to open our doors to many more youth in the coming year.” 

Marta Grissom CFS Auburn

“I really enjoyed getting to watch Thomas Green receive a standing ovation at IMAGINE. That was stunning.” 

Lori Bratz

“I loved SOUNDCON. I had so much fun meeting team members from other sites and had a blast at all the fun activities!”

Emily Carlson

“A client once told me “Thank you for being so positive and bright. And for doing what you do to help others, you’re amazing.” That was when I knew that I had made the right choice, of being in this community.”

Miriam Barron

“In the past few weeks, I have had both a police officer and a paramedic tell me that there has been a significantly reduced need for police/ ambulances in the area immediately around Safe Haven, since we (first CPC and now Sound) took over. Both made the comment independent of each other and without promoting.”

Ann Crandall

“Coming to work for Sound’s WISe/Wraparound team after my son successfully graduated from the program. After seeing his successes and what the team does for these kiddos and their families, I knew I had to be a part of it!”

Jenn Watts

“The AOP Team at Northgate has been a truly inspiring team to be a part of this last year, as client needs are always met with compassion and care! Thank you AOP for being AMAZING!”

Robyn D

I graduated with my master’s, got hired with my work bestie at my first real therapy job(!), and did a Tedx talk about Art Therapy!”

Tori Force

“Our team handled a very challenging process with professionalism and excellent teamwork!”

Karen Ainley

I started my job here in crisis services and am able to work with some of the most brilliant, funny, talented, and hardworking individuals I have ever had the pleasure to work with.”

Kat Cole

“Every day, I have had the privilege of coming to work with passionate and committed people who make a difference in the lives of those we serve. Our team members transform individual lives and transform our community!”

Alice Nichols

“The people! You are the best.”

Teresa Mosteller

I met my favorite team of people to work with, everything from all the clinicians to custodial staff to executive leadership; this experience has been fulfilling!”

Melvyn Marroquin

“Starting my new job has been so much easier due to how friendly everyone here is! I can already tell that Sound is a great community.”

Janine Dana

After working 10 years on the clinical side at Sound, I made the move over to Development. It’s been a great opportunity to share firsthand stories with our donors about the important and meaningful work we do and the lives they are helping change with their support.”

Beth Anderson

Welcoming new team members from CPC!”

Christopher Bays

“My team gained two awesome humans from CPC – Cesar and Chris!”

Tracey Edwards

“We were able to add some wonderful talent to our fabulous team this year! Go Biz Apps!”

Lisa G

“Creation of the new Learning Department with a focus on further developing our robust, comprehensive organizational training program.”

Bruce Smith

“I get to see my clients grow and graduate from working with me. Seeing people thrive and blossom gives me a lot of satisfaction.”

Thomas Webber

“For me, the very best thing that happened at Sound in 2019 was getting to know all the CPC administrators! They’re all just rock stars! I’m so glad they’re part of our team!”

Kevin Cox

“Becoming a larger organization. We can now provide services to more people.”

Cesar Quintana

“So many amazing things happened this year! 

We were able to participate in May 2019 at the annual Great Wolf Lodge Kinship Caregivers Day.

We helped to secure scholarships for that statewide event for 15 King County Kinship families.

More Sound client families attended the County-wide Kinship Camp out at Camp Colman than EVER!

Sound’s Family and Kinship Resource and Support group services were recognized and lauded this year by the Washington State Community Connectors Board of Directors, Washington State Health Care Authority staff, and the Washington State Office of Recovery Partnerships staff.

Sound Peer Counselors had the honor of presenting at both the Washington State Peer Pathways and Washington State Behavioral Healthcare conferences –  with some of the highest scores for their workshops!”

Cathy Callahan





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