Sound Report to the Community Released

Highlighting a year of significant change, Sound’s 2018 Report to the Community is now available.

The Report features eight stories. Included are a profile of a Sound client and survivor of domestic violence; a feature about retired board chair, Stan Moffett; an overview of impactful Sound programs; a feature about Sound’s new private insurance product, Sound Solutions; a story about Cambia Foundation a Foundation, and its investment in a Sound program; an update on Sound’s Information Technology program’s technology investments and much more.

Unlike previous years, this year’s publication will be released digitally, rather than in print.  The annual report is now live at

“Releasing the Report digitally has less impact on the community, makes our stories accessible to larger numbers of people who rely on digital means to access information and allows better stewardship of our resources,” says Steve McLean, chief marketing & public relations officer at Sound.

For members of the community who prefer to have print copies, please contact Marketing at or the Development Department at

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