Sound Solutions Provides Therapy and Prescriber Care to Those with Private Insurance

If, like many in our community, you sometimes struggle with anxiety, depression or are in need of support, then Sound Solutions can be a beacon of light. Especially with the holidays being a time of increased stress, Sound Solutions is able to help people navigate life’s challenges with expert, knowledgeable care.

Sound Solutions, Sound’s counseling program for people with private insurance, provides effective, supportive and compassionate care from the program’s highly trained-staff, convenient locations throughout the King County area, office hours that support busy lifestyles and an array of unique services.

A key benefit of Sound Solutions is that it provides integrated care — not only individual and family counseling but also therapy for addictions and prescribers for medication management, ensuring that busy clients receive comprehensive care quickly and all in one network.

“By having a full array of services under one roof,” says Beth Anderson, Director of Sound Solutions, “our clients can receive the care they need without having to spend time navigating various referrals to substance use specialists or psychiatrists. We take care of everything within a single, integrated organization.”

Sound Solutions’ parent company, Sound, is evolving toward whole healthcare in 2019, as are other behavioral health providers. This development, mandated by the state of Washington and the Federal government, offers even greater benefit to Sound Solutions clients, who will be able to get their primary care needs met as well.

“This represents another benefit for our clients,” says Anderson, “We know that clients experience better outcomes when their care is delivered in a way that is fully integrated – combining behavioral health and primary care — so we are very excited that we can offer this benefit to the communities we serve.”

Current locations for the program are in Seattle’s First Hill area, Tukwila, Auburn, Redmond, Bellevue, Northgate and Snoqualmie. For more information, visit or call (206) 302-2300.

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