Vocational Program Launches Program to Recognize Businesses That Employ Sound Clients

Sound client, Jermaine Combs (second from left), with Leslie Lee (right)

SoundWorks, Sound’s vocational services program, implemented a new effort to recognize and highlight employee partners that have offered employment and support to Sound clients. Employment is an important part of recovery and these employers are vital contributors to that process.

SoundWorks presented the Sound Community Leadership Award for PetSmart in Renton and Metropolitan Market in West Seattle for their outstanding contributions to the recovery of two Sound clients, Ryan Edwards and Jermaine Combs.

The awards are presented to those employers that exemplify the qualities of partnership, commitment and support of Sound clients. Employers who hire people with disabilities enrich the lives of the individuals, build self-esteem, dignity and independence, as well as strengthen the community.

Sound client Ryan Edwards (right)

During a Feb. 27 ceremony, Sound’s Leslie Lee presented Metropolitan Market’s Steven Dougherty with the Sound Community Leadership Award for their work with client Ryan Edwards.

“Steven was involved from the beginning with Sound and Ryan, working together with us,” says Lee. “Ryan started by completing a three month community based assessment and was then hired by them. He has prospered there and has recently achieved over 270 days of employment.”

On March 15, Sound presented Metropolitan Market’s Turgay Aldemir and Paul Marth with the Sound Community Leadership Award for their work with client Jermaine Combs.

“Metropolitan Market has provided excellent communication and job accommodation to Jermaine and made him feel a part of the team,” observed Lee. “Metropolitan Market is thrilled with Jermaine’s work performance and our continued partnership.”

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