Sound Executive Speaks at Annual Health Care Forum

Sound’s President and CEO, Patrick Evans, joined executives from Kaiser Permanente, Swedish, Virginia Mason, UW Medicine and other organizations during Health Care of the Future, hosted by Puget Sound Business Journal on March 29. The event focused on the unprecedented level of consolidation and partnership taking place in health care today and its impact on health care delivery, costs and outcomes. Health Care of the Future drew approximately 400 executives in healthcare, insurance and business owners wishing to gain insights into what all the change and consolidation may mean for their businesses.

A Gold Sponsor of the event, Sound is a leading provider of quality behavioral health services to both Medicaid recipients and people with private insurance, and is a regular contributor to the Health Care of the Future forum. Other executives joining Evans were Gary Gilliland, MD, PhD, President & Director at Fred Hutch; Paul G. Ramsey, MD, CCEO of UW Medicine; Gary Kaplan, MD, Chairman and CEO of Virginia Mason Health Systems; Guy Hudson, MD, CEO, Swedish and Chris Dale, MD, Chief Quality Officer, Swedish; Jeffrey Sperring, MD, CEO of Seattle Children’s; and Susan Mullaney, President of Kaiser Permanente Washington.

“Behavioral health plays a key, but often overlooked, role in improving the quality and effectiveness of care,” says Evans. “We are pleased to be a sponsor of this event and to have the opportunity to join other executives to frame conversations about the significant changes emerging in behavioral health and primary care today.”

Shifts toward value-based care and integration, pressures to increase efficiencies, and reduce costs are among the many factors driving consolidation in the industry. For businesses and consumers, these changes may mean more efficient coordination of care, improved care quality and the potential for better outcomes — or they may result in fewer health care options and greater costs.

As consolidation, mergers, affiliations and integration continue within health care, employers will want to stay abreast of what it all means and how it impacts the bottom line. Health Care of the Future should offer some important insights from those at the forefront of all the changes.

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