Sound Mental Health Rebrands as “Sound”

The past year has seen significant change at Sound Mental Health with the implementation of the Reaching Recovery model, a relocation of our corporate headquarters, and a restructuring of our leadership, among other changes. These developments are all part of a the organization’s strategy to improve care, explore new business opportunities and better position it to be more  responsive to changes taking place within health care. The organization announced in mid-December that it has changed its name to “Sound” and will continue to implement the new branding over the next few months.

As the organization is poised to adjust within a steadily changing industry, where value-based reimbursement, health care integration and changing public perception about mental health are on the horizon, its identity must evolve and adapt, too. This long-term vision lead to the organization to think about a future direction that drew focus on the breath of services provided beyond “mental health,” yet did not abandon the equity it has built throughout half a century of history and transforming behavioral health.

“Over the past 50 years, we’ve built a strong reputation for quality and innovation,” said Patrick Evans, Sound CEO. “Our market research confirmed that evolving our name, rather than completely changing it, was the appropriate strategic move for us. While we wanted to accurately reflect our work in the new naming, we also wanted to enable opportunities to market the organization in pursuit of new possibilities for future growth and expansion.”

These new opportunities will focus on promoting services to different consumers beyond the client base it currently serves. This will include marketing its specialty counseling services to private insurance clients and exploring many of its other programs for commercial expansion, within and outside of King County.

“While Sound is positioning itself to increase revenue and broaden its support of the entire community by developing new business lines,” said Steve McLean, Chief Marketing and Public Relations Officer,” it will remain fully committed its community mission by serving clients with the most challenging and persistent acute mental health and addiction issues.”

The rebranding also places greater emphasis on the organization’s role as a health care organization. It will have a new domain name ( and a new tagline (“the forefront of behavioral healthcare”).The branding will also feature a contemporary, optimistic and more vibrant color palette, crisp, distinctive visual language and a compelling story behind its new logo.

Using gradient color and line movement, the icon symbolizes the role Sound plays in helping clients progress upward toward lives of recovery and increasing independence, moving from “fallen” to “upright.” It is a powerful and universal message that the organization believes will resonate with clients, staff, partners in health care and in business and the community at large.

The organization is currently supporting the branding with an integrated communications campaign and the installation of new signs throughout its multiple locations. To learn more about Sound’s rebranding, visit

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