Sound Expands Services for Insurance Clients

A new program developed by Sound offers hope and support to commercial insurance clients seeking expert level counseling services to help with a variety of life’s challenges such as: anxiety, depression, addiction, teen issues, relationship problems, attention related difficulties, stress management and more. The program, currently called Sound Solutions, builds upon Sound’s philosophy of using the latest evidence-based therapies to address complex behavioral health issues and leveraging this expertise for people with commercial insurance.

Clients can expect effective, supportive and compassionate care from the program’s highly trained and experienced-staff, convenient locations throughout the King County area, office hours that support busy lifestyles and an array of unique services that most other, smaller counseling services are unable to offer.

“What drives our counselors,” says Beth Anderson, Director of the program, “is a desire to provide meaningful guidance and support to men, women, children and entire families, creating a roadmap that gives them a real sense of hope. Our goal is to use the blueprint of innovation developed by Sound’s over 50 years of serving the community, to help people live more productive and happy lives.”

Anderson says that the program is currently serving hundreds of clients already but will enhance marketing of its services in the months ahead. This marketing strategy will include creating a new web site, undergoing a program rebranding and expanding marketing outreach. In addition to working with individual clients, the new program is also interested in marketing its unique offerings to businesses committed to expanding counseling and mental health services to its employees.

“As public perceptions about mental health change, and as the health care community increasingly recognizes that mental health plays a central role to overall health,” Anderson observes, “we believe that regional businesses are more open to finding competent, reliable and effective specialty services to help their employees be at their very best. We are here to help.”

Current locations for the program are in Seattle’s First Hill area, Tukwila, Auburn, Redmond, Bellevue, Northgate and soon in Snoqualmie. Please contact Beth Anderson, to learn more about business hours, locations and services offered at

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