Chief Medical Officer: Mary Bartels, MD

“Behavioral Health is important because it permeates all aspects of our lives; being mentally healthy allows an individual to reach their fullest potential. Sound Mental Health is a good investment because it supports an individual’s goal of living fuller, more productive lives which, in turn, enriches the community. My favorite part of working at SMH is the wonderful clients and staff with whom I work.”

I am delighted to serve as Chief Medical Officer at Sound Mental Health. After 21 years as a prescriber, it is wonderful to be able to have that experience and take a step back, looking at providing psychiatric services from a different perspective. I earned my M.D. degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and my B.A. in history from Vassar College. I did my adult residency at Dartmouth and a child fellowship at the University of Washington. I have been in community mental health since I finished my training in 1989. I fell in love with the Pacific Northwest between college and medical school when I worked as a VISTA volunteer in northern Idaho. I have three fabulous children, all grown. My latest passion is travel which has been bringing me great joy in the last few years.

“I am committed to community behavioral health in general, having always wanted to work with underserved individuals with complex mental illnesses and addiction issues. Sound Mental Health provides a stimulating and supportive environment for me to be able to do that. Since coming to SMH, my life has changed. I have been shown over and over again how a little empathy for someone else can result in major changes in their life.”

Dr. Bartels hopes to build upon SMH’s medical practices by expanding its work in addiction medicine, primary care integration and telehealth, all emerging best practices in behavioral health care.


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