Councilman Gossett To Enjoy Holiday Meal with Residents of Housing Facility

Contact: Steve McLean
Communications Director
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Residents, many veterans and youth with mental health issues, will be served a holiday feast.

SEATTLE – Dec. 11, 2012 – King County Councilmember Larry Gossett will join residents of Gossett Place, a facility named in his honor last year, to enjoy a delicious holiday meal with its residents. A property of the Low Income Housing Institute (LIHI), Gossett Place is located at 4719 12th Ave. NE, Seattle. The holiday feast begins at 5:30 p.m.

LIHI collaborates with Sound Mental Health to deliver comprehensive behavioral health services, like those provided at Gossett Place, within a safe and stable residential environment. More than half of the units specifically are designated for homeless veterans. In addition to mental health and chemical dependency programs, the facility ensures access to education and vocational services, too.

Before enjoying the meal with residents – who are formerly homeless veterans, youth and others – Mr. Gossett will spend time talking with them and sharing stories. SMH CEO David Stone, Ph.D., Chief Development Officer Gayle Johnson and others will join him at the event as well. This is the third annual dinner sponsored by Sound Mental Health.

Mr. Gossett is a decades-long activist and outspoken advocate for civil and human rights. Given his efforts on behalf of the community’s disenfranchised, it’s no surprise that he will attend the dinner and show support for those who are trying to get back on their feet.

Gayle Johnson, SMH chief development officer, believes that it is fitting that Mr. Gossett has the opportunity to experience the tangible results of his work – as embodied by the facility and the people it serves.

“I can imagine that it must be very gratifying for the councilman to experience the positive impact his namesake facility has on so many people,” she said. “Even more so while he is still active and engaged in the community to champion the cause for better mental health services.”

Located in the University District, Gossett Place is a supportive housing facility that holds up to 63 individuals and is designed to provide housing and behavioral health services directly to residents, all of whom have been homeless.

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